Starting up Inbound Social Marketing


What is social marketing?

It is marketing in the online market. The online marketplace refers to certain ethnic groups that gather on a particular network.

Therefore, community marketing has already existed before the Internet has appeared. For example, the FidoNet BBS created in 1984 allows users to gather chats (similar to Taiwan PPT BBS). It was just selling things on the top, I don’t know how to call it social marketing.

In Taiwan, Facebook, Twitter, Line, YouTube, PPT BBS, Mobile01, etc., can be regarded as a social network, marketing activities on them are all regarded social marketing.

But what does community marketing do?

The most important thing is that the biggest use of social marketing is not to sell things, but to be used as a conduit for inbound marketing. Selling things is only produced after marketing. 

The three spirits of Inbound Marketing are;

(1) Value: Really enhance the value that can be offered to customers, rather than just tricking customers into a trick.
(2) Get found: In a variety of free pipeline layouts (blogs, social networks, search activities, etc.), let everyone see the value you can provide.
(3) Analysis: Adjust your network assets with various analysis tools to maximize customer satisfaction.

These also coincide with the meaning of “introspective marketing”, which is not exaggerated and internal, that is, to let consumers find your own existence, of course, self-required enterprise value and service product improvement, and when consumers find you It is necessary to fully analyze various internal information to maximize the satisfaction of consumers. This is the three main spirits of “Inbound Marketing”: V(value), G(get found), and A(analysis). Among the three spirits, the most important one is Value. If there is no Value, nothing else needs to be discussed.

So what should community marketing do?

(1) Don’t let the target customer think this is an advertisement.

(2) Don’t let the target customer think that your purpose is to sell things.

(3) Provide valuable things for the target customers to come together.


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