Dry Cleaning/Laundry Business Plan and Feasibility Study 2020

Laundry Business Plan

Laundry is a very common term used among-st people in all parts of the world to describe clothes or Linen that have to be washed. Many a time, people directly interchange the words laundry and dry cleaning when trying to analyze the business. This has led to a very false conception that Dry Cleaning is limited to just clothes/linen washing.  Well, continue reading as we explain the intricacies of the Dry cleaning Business.

Dry Cleaning, Laundry and the common Misconception among them.

Dry cleaning is not just the business of providing cleaning services to laundry, but also to other items including rugs, upholstery, windows, walls (especially tiles) etc. So in a nut shell, Dry cleaning is cleaning service not limited to laundry, and should be best describes as a highly specialized cleaning venture which requires a great deal of expertise and efficiency. The fact that Dry cleaning is not limited to Laundry alone does not mean it is compulsory for you to take up responsibility of the other items. You can decide to stick with clothing basically, with this being the most lucrative aspect or part of Dry Cleaning.

There is a saying, “don’t do what everyone else is doing, be the best at what you do”. This saying is applicable in every business including the Dry Cleaning Business.  How? One might ask. The dry cleaning business has become highly competitive and so, if you are going to run a Dry cleaning Business, you must try to be better than every other laundry man/woman around that area. This means you have toknow the different kinds of Soap to be used at interval, what frequency to run your machines at, how to properly starch clothes, the methods needed in getting extremely tough stains of whites, etc.

Another challenging factor about this business is that due to the availability of washing machines most people rarely feel  the need to go to a Dry Cleaner.  However,  anyone who has used these machines will notice that they are not 100% effective in removing stains totally. Hence an expert will be needed to handle the clothes.

With proper planning and good management,
a N300,000 (can be higher or lower) investment in a 
Dry Cleaning Business could easily result in N900,000 of 
pure profit within six months.
To get the full Dry cleaning Business Plan and Feasibility Studies, 

Pay the Sum of N10,000 to 0138589926 Olise Ijoma Gt bank and send

a text with email and proof of payment.

Once that is confirmed, the Supermarket Business Plan

will be sent to the mail sent  via Text.

For Easy reference and understanding purpose, we are going to be using Maxi’s Dry Cleaning and Laundry Service as our business name.

Materials needed to run a Dry Cleaning Business in Nigeria

  • Washers
  • Pressing machine
  • Dryer
  • Steam boilers
  • Commercial washing supplies including hangers, tags, pressing irons, packaging nylon, ironing table, buckets, Basins, starch, Garment Conveyor , Stain removing chemicals etc)
  • A Power Generating Set (Nothing less than 7.0HP)
  • Industrial ironing boards
  • Steamers
  • Business cards, handbills and other advert materials (for adverts and promotions).

What Does Maxi’s Dry Cleaning and Laundry Service Have to Offer its Clientele

This is very important, as this is what will distinguish you from every other Dry cleaning Service.

For Starters, describe what your Business is all about. When asked what we are into, our description should go like this; Here at Maxi’s , We are into washing of all kinds of apparels, garments, clothing, rugs, curtains etc. with modern superior techniques. We do proper and thorough washing, crisp starching, clean drying, ironing, garment packaging and Deliver promptly.

There are a lot of add-on services Maxi’s Dry Cleaning and Laundry Service could offer to spice up its dry cleaning Service. For instance, rather than Just wait for customers to come to you, you could take up the initiative and decide to do a mobile laundry service, for reaching customers who are either too  far to come and meet you or too busy and will be in need of home service.

Other Less popular yet more effective services to improve Maxi’s Dry Cleaning and Laundry Service are available in the Dry Cleaning Business Plan. Call +2347033914653 to order the Dry Cleaning Business Plan for N10,000 (or pay $35 for those outside Nigeria).

Maxi’s Dry Cleaning and Laundry Service Dry Cleaning Business Tagline

What we simply mean by this is, what should be the first thing that comes to the mind when people think about Maxi’s Dry Cleaning and Laundry Service. In other words what is your marketing strategy. For Maxi’s Dry cleaning Business, our tagline should be Accessible, mobile, prompt, affordable, trusted, comfortable and an excellent service provider. You would note that some of the words are in bold, this is no coincidence. After a very lengthy survey carried out, it was discovered that most people would rather go for laundry services that are prompt, affordable and keeps them happy with a good and excellent service.

What is our Goal and Vision for Maxi’s Dry Cleaning and Laundry Service

  •     To increase in profit gradient all year round through aggressive customer gain.
  •     To generate customer satisfaction so that at least 70% of our customer base is repeat business.
  •     To push sales by making sure customers are satisfied by our pricing, service rendition, and seasonal promos.
  • To employ sales/marketing rep who would be tasked to get customers from far and near.
  • To have at least five branches in every city in Nigeria
  • To effectively run our mobile arm as well as we run our stationed office.
  • To be an household name in the laundry & dry cleaning company in the country.
  • To exceed the customers’ expectations by providing quality service and exceptional customer care services in a loving and caring way.
  • To make our staffs comfortable, inspired and motivated for work

For the remaining part of this business Plan, including the detailed financial analysis, call any of our business plan consultants +2347033914653 or send me an email at businessplanforbeginners@gmail.com

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