Poultry Farming: Advantages, Challenges, Profit Margin & Business Plan

poultry farming in Nigeria

Starting a poultry farm in Nigeria seems easy. One might say all you need do is buy them, feed them and sell them when they are mature. However, without an adequate knowledge on poultry farming, you might end up killing the birds (unintentionally of course), losing all of your capital investment before even crossing the first month of the poultry farm business.

This would be extremely devastating especially when a huge sum of money has been invested into starting the poultry farm. Therefore, having just an idea is not enough an in-depth, detailed knowledge and proper study about poultry farming in Nigeria is compulsory.
As mentioned earlier, poultry farming entails both egg production and chicken farming, both business plans and feasibility studies are available. In this article however, we would be giving a thorough insight into chicken farming In Nigeria.

Before we explain in detail all you need to know about poultry farming in Nigeria, let us briefly show you why you should consider poultry farming as a top priority and just how lucrative it can be.

1. Meat is very important

Despite the fact that large quantity of the poultry product in Nigeria is imported into the country, it is not enough to feed the 180 million people in the country as there is a daily demand for thousands of poultry products everyday. Restaurants also need meat to serve the food of customers with turkey and chicken the most sought-For after beef. Even doctors advise people above 50 to stay away from red meat and increase white meat intake (chicken and turkey).

2. These poultry farm animals grow fast

It only takes around 21 – 24 weeks for an average chicken to be fully grown and ready for sale. Compared to other farm animals that is an exponential growth. The chickens hatch In about 21 days and even in lesser days if incubators are used. With this calculation you would be having at least a new chick every two to three weeks. Now assume you have 1000 mature birds ready to hatch, that would give you a grand total of 3000 poultry birds (including both the newly hatched and the existing birds) in the space of one month i.e 3x your existing birds In one month.

3. The price for matured poultry products are very high

One good thing about poultry farming is that there is always an available market, (*the business plan PDF file has a list of market area were you can sell) and the price is relatively high. With the average price for a mature chicken ranging from #2500 – #3500naira (even higher during the festive period), take for instance you have 5000 matured birds ready for sale, that would give you an estimated sum of between #12,500,000 – #17,500,000 and that is a lot of money.

4. Poultry Farm Animals lay lots of eggs

An average layer produces at least one egg In the space of two days. Imagine you have a farm with 2000 matured layers ready to produce eggs, you should be getting at least 1800-2000 eggs every two days. With the cost of an egg now #50 assuming you choose to sell at the rate of #35-#40 per egg that would give you around #63000 – #72000.

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Now you know the importance of poultry farming in Nigeria and what you stand to gain. We would now highlight important things to put into consideration before starting up poultry farming in Nigeria.

LOCATION – your poultry farm should be located in a area that is not exposed to extreme climatic conditions especially in the hot dry season ,where the temperatures soar, affecting the profit margin due to high mortality rates.

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The table of content for our business plan is listed below with the page no by the side.

Table of content   Page

Executive Summary   4

Business Description   7

Vision  8

Objectives   9

Mission    9

Keys to Success   9

Our Services   10

Market Analysis   11

Market Segmentation   11

Pricing Strategy   12

Competitor Analysis   12

Sales and Marketing Plan    13

Promotion   15

Distribution Strategy   15

Pricing   15

Risk    15

SWOT Analysis    16

PEST Analysis    16

Operational Plan    17

Management plan   20

Financial Plan and Projections

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