Solar Energy Installation Business Plan / Feasibility Report Solar energy


Solar Energy Installation Business Plan / Feasibility Report

Solar energy is radiant energy emitted by the sun. This works by capturing the sun and turning it into electricity for private and public consumption. The sun contains elements such as: oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, iron and magnesium. Hydrogen is the simplest element because each atom of hydrogen contain only one proton. The sun releases tiny packets of energy called protons which travel the 93 millions miles from the sun to earth in about 8.5 minutes.

Solar energy usage is essential for countries experiencing power failure such as countries in Africa. Nigeria is one country experiencing huge power failure and it is possible for some areas in the country to be short of electricity supply for months.

According to the reports provided by Electricity supply companies, the average power supply in Nigeria is 3,851 MW. Nigeria provides it’s energy through the four main sources: coal, hydro, oil and natural gas. The population is experiencing huge shutdown of electricity supply to the extent that people has resorted to generator for the supply of light and the cost of fuel is on the high side which most citizens cannot afford due to the economic situations. Nigeria is called the second poorest power supply country in the world. Nigeria’s installed electricity capacity is 12,522MW, below the current demand of 98,000MW. The actual output is about 3,800MW, resulting in a demand short fall of 94,500MW throughout the country. As a result of the short fall of the supply of energy in Nigeria, it made only 45% of the population to have access to electricity, leaving the other 55% short of electricity supply.

The fall of energy supply in Nigeria has really disturbed businesses in the country since the consumption of fuel and diesel is high leading to short of profit in Business. This has also discourage international investors from coming to the country to invest because of the fear of electricity shortage. This also affects families who require electricity to carry out domestic chores like blending, cooking and also watching TV and other electronic in the home.

The introduction of solar energy installation is a very welcome solution to the eradication of absence of electricity supply from the government.

Solar energy requires good sun supply for capturing and it is most effective in area with high energy level like Nigeria. Solar energy is not very common in Nigeria and the introduction of it to Nigeria will bring relief to business owners who has been investing most of their capital in diesel/fuel for electricity supply in their business. Any entrepreneur thinking of investing in solar energy installation will make profit since the country’s electricity supply is poor.

Nigeria has high sun energy level, the weather is hot most times so capturing the sun is easy when compared to other parts of the world where sun is low. Nigeria has a hot and dry climates climbing as high as 40 degree celaius. In some parts of the country like Lagos it hits up to 35-38 degrees Celsius. The average sun supply in Nigeria is about eight to nine hours per day.

Benefits of Solar energy in Nigeria

The availability of electricity supply which will lead to profitable businesses.
More investors in the country.
It reduces the cost of money spent on fuel and diesel and provides cheap access to electricity supply.
It helps to provide more jobs opportunities.

Installation of solar panels

Solar systems are made of solar panels (modules). These are made up of solar cells. Solar cells are made up of silicon, like semiconductors. They are constructed with a positive and negative layer which together create an electric field, just like in a battery. The most common location of solar panels is on the roof. Solar panels (SP) has become cheaper over the past five years as a result there is high demand for it’s installation. Some entrepreneurs deal on the sales of solar panels, battery and repairs.

How to start a solar energy installation business

This is the first step in any business. You must carry out research on the market, what the market is all about, the demand of the products and services, the people already involved, the risk and how to minimize the risk. Solar energy installation is a very technical business and you have to acquire the skills needed before beginning your company.

Business plan

This is very important, every business requires a business plan. You should write the business plan which contains information that you got from your feasibility studies. This involves the amount required, what can be done to improve the business when it comes.



Account Name – Olise Ijoma

Account No – 2147844190

This involves raising capital for your business. No business can survive without capital. This business requires enough capital, if you don’t have enough you can source for capital in the bank or any other financial institutions.

This involves getting formal training on the business. It is technical and should not be done carelessly or out of common sense. You should go for training and acquire the necessary skills so that you can perform a unique work thereby creating a brand for yourself. You can also make use of the internet by watching videos on YouTube and other sites.

This involves registration of your business in the appropriate body for certification and permit. You can register your business in Corporate Affairs Commission (C.A.C). This is important, it makes your business recognized and the certification can also be used to obtain loan from the bank in case you don’t have enough capital.

Every business has risk, so it is important to have insurance. Insurance policy is not applied in business because some people see it as unimportant but the fact still remains that it is important for security reasons. The business could run into accidents and insurance policy can be used to cover up damages.

Acquire all the necessary equipment
This is important. You can’t afford to be short of equipment when you go for installation. Some of the tools required are drill bits, earplugs, safety eyeglasses, gloves, screwdrivers, pliers, hammer, utility knife etc.

This is important. Every business requires advertisement, you don’t just open a business and sit in your office waiting for customers to come, you invest in advertisement. You can advertise through television stations, newspaper, internet, social media, flyers and so on.

In conclusion, Solar energy installation business is very lucrative though technical. The information above is about all you need. The next step is to take actions and take advantage of the business.

Our sample Solar Energy Installation Business Plan in Nigeria can be used to access bank loans, proposal writing and grant applications. The business plan was complied after a thorough feasibility study on Solar Energy Installation Business in Nigeria was done.


Account Name – Olise Ijoma

Account No – 2147844190

After payment text your name, send a text of your e-mail address to 07033914653 and you’ll receive your SOLAR ENERGY INSTALLATION BUSINESS PLAN / FEASIBILITY STUDIES REPORT.


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